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World Cat New Boat Models

We Built Our Company Like We Build Our Boats. To Deliver Superior Performance Over The Long Haul.

When it comes to choosing the ideal boat, World Cat gives you more and better choices. It all begins with the two key hull designs that we offer. While each design shares the same major advantages of a power catamaran – a smoother ride, better stability, and shallower draft – our different hull choices can help you “fine tune” a better boating experience.

Smoothness. Stability. Speed.

By design, a World Cat catamaran delivers a smoother, gentler, better ride. It allows you to go farther, longer, and faster with greater confidence. It combines high tech planning with old world craftsmanship. It brings you a better boating experience. To understand how and why, you have to get to know the company that builds it.


Power Catamarans

2018 World Cat 320 CC
2018 World Cat 320 DC
2018 World Cat 295 CC
2018 World Cat 295 DC
2018 World Cat 280 CC-X
2018 World Cat Glacier Bay Edition 2780 Hardtop
2018 World Cat Glacier Bay Edition 2770 Cuddy
2018 World Cat Glacier Bay Edition 2740 Dual Console
2018 World Cat 255 DC
2018 World Cat 230 CC
2018 World Cat 230 DC
2018 World Cat 230 SD