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Bennington New Boat Models

Any pontoon can float. See what makes Bennington fly.

Bennington pontoons are carefully crafted with a commitment to luxury and quality. Take the time to look under and around any of our pontoons. The quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Add superior performance, luxury features and an amazing warranty and Bennington pontoons are the obvious choice for a fishing, cruising or luxury pontoon boat.

Eliptical Sport Package

ESP is our top of the line in performance. It offers enhanced stability and water displacement with quick planing and handling characteristics that rival a fiberglass sport boat. Designed for high horsepower applications, ESP is optional on outboard models and comes standard on all Bennington I/O models. It includes two 25″ diameter outer pontoons with performance foils, a patented 32″ Elliptical center pontoon with lifting strakes and an under deck wave shield.


Pontoon Boats

2017 Bennington 30 QSR
2017 Bennington 30 RSR
2017 Bennington 30 R
2017 Bennington 30 RCW
2017 Bennington 30 RCB
2017 Bennington 28 QCW
2017 Bennington 28 R
2017 Bennington 28 RSR
2017 Bennington 28 RCW
2017 Bennington 28 QCW I/O
2017 Bennington 27 RCW
2017 Bennington 27 RSR